Carolina Military Academy
An Alumni Association
2nd Annual CMA Friendship Reunion Photos
John Rhodes, Michael Davis, Tommy LeMacks, Frank  & Donna Sossamon, Benny Weathers
Belinda & Melvin Roberts, Laura Weathers
John Rhodes, Michael Davis, Randy Jennings, Tommy LeMacks, Frank  & Donna Sossamon, 
Belinda & Melvin Roberts, Laura Weathers
Belinda Roberts, Michael Davis, Donna Sossamon, Laura Weathers, John Rhodes
Belinda Roberts, John Rhodes, Michael Davis, Melvin Roberts
Lunch At Market Commons - Myrtle Beach SC - September 2010
Randy Jennings & Michael Davis
Frank & Donna Sossamon
Belinda & Shark Roberts, Tommy LeMacks, Laura Weathers
Time With Friends At Shark & Belinda's Condo
Donna Sossamon, Sherri Davis, Patsy Jennings, Shark Roberts
Mike Davis & Fred Majors Get Reaquainted
Frank & Fred Discover The CMA Website
Frank & Shark Discuss What's For Dinner
The Group Talks Old Times
"When Are We Going To Eat Frank"
Lunch At Last, Frank, Donna, Belinda, Shark, Patsy and Me On Camera Duty
Frank & Donna Enjoy An Arnold Palmer Cocktail (Lemonade, Ice Tea & Grey Goose)
Back To The Condo
Oh Boy Those Were The Days
That's Right Benny 9 Years of Marital Bliss (Randy & Patsy)
The New Mrs Davis Looks Happy After A Day In The Sun
Dinner At "Sara J's" In Garden City 
The Gang Waits For A Table
The Girls ( Donna, Patsy, Sherri, Belinda)
The Guys ( Frank, Michael, Fred, Randy, Melvin )
Finally Our Table
Here Comes The SeaFood
Well Fed Faces All Around
Well Fed Faces All Around
"Show Me The Money" - Fred Graciously Picks Up The Tab For Dinner

Thank You, Sergeant Major Majors
Unfortunately The Photos Of The Gang Watching
The Clemson-Alburn Football Game 

Were Confiscated By ACC Officials

Photos Of The Birthday Breakfast Will Be Posted At A Later Date