Lunch With A Cadet # 1 -  Sept 11, 2009  - John Williams - Stateville NC

Your board of directors are always on the lookout for our missing cadets, we found one recently and was able to have lunch with him last weekend.  I have placed a photos below of the auspicious occasion.

His name is John Williams he was a cadet at CMA in 1963,1964, and 1965 and he meet with us at the Crackerbarrel in Mooresville NC.  Can you tell which one of us had the meat loaf and mashed potatoes? You would be wrong, we all enjoyed the scrumptious meat loaf.  John was in A-Company, 1st Platoon, 3rd Squad.  He also played guitar with Nelson Faulkner and myself (Randy Jennings) in a little rock band that played around campus, and at a few of the local Junior/Senior dances around the area.  Good to See again John, Welcome Aboard. See John's Profile and video on his cadet profile page by pressing the grey button below............................


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Lunch With A Cadet
This is a new page that I have added so that I could share with you stories about having;

 "Lunch With A Cadet",

Every now and then myself or others have the opportunity to have Lunch with one or more of our fellow classmates and I like to pass along those, stories & photos to everyone.  I usually put these in our monthly newsletters but in order to make them available to everyone all the time and easy to find I decided to give these stories and photos their own page.  I hope that you enjoy them.

I plan to get together whenever I can with all of the cadets that now live near me  in South Carolina and North Carolina.  Anyone in this area please contact me so that we can schedule a lunch meeting soon after the new year. 843-450-5800
Lunch With A Cadet # 2 -  Dec 14, 2009  - Tommy Waller & Harrison McGraw

I recently had the pleasure of having lunch with 2 of our cadets from 1963.  Tommy Waller who is enjoying semi-retirement and has recently stepped back into the retail flooring business and who lives in Marietta GA with his wife Beth, and Harrison McCraw Jr., now known as Dr. J. Harrison McCraw Jr. PhD. who is now a tenured professor at West Georgia University.  We had a great discussion about CMA, old friends, politics, the economy, health care.  Other stories I am not allowed to tell because they were off the record.  Tommy and Harrison had some great  stories about sports at CMA as well as in their college years.  Maybe you will get to hear some of these stories at one of our Annual CMA Reunions.  Harrison and Tommy were unsure if they could make it to the next reunion because of work schedules but promised to try to get to a reunion soon.  Since they have reunited as friends they said that they might be able to travel together to a reunion soon.  We all promised to get together for another "Cadets Lunch" soon.


Randy Jennings, Chuck Pless, Leo Fuller & John Williams
Harrison McGraw, Tommy Waller, & Randy Jennings
Harrison McGraw & Tommy Waller
The Scene of The Crime
Lunch With A Cadet # 3 -  March 6, 2010  - Art Flowers & Robert Asire - Myrtle Beach SC

Patsy and I had a wonderful lunch with Art Flowers - CMA 1964/1965/1966  & Robert Asire - CMA 1965/1966, Art is still working and lives in Florence SC.  Bob is retired and living in Murrells Inlet and West Virginia.  Bob has had some medical problems recently and is awaiting a lung transplant.  We really had a great time talking about CMA, the school, the cadets, the past reunions, Art & Bob both attended the 1st two reunions but have been unable to attend recently for health reasons.  Bob told some funny stories about him and Salem Van Every they were friends when they both lived in the Myrtle Beach Area.  I hope that we will be able to get both of these gentlemen to one of our reunions real soon. 

6/20/2010 - Just got off the phone with Robert and he has come back from West Virginia and plans to stay in Murrels Inlet while awaiting a lung transplant in Charleston SC at MUSC. He says that he is feeling good and staying in good spirits.  We plan to get together again soon.

Randy Jennings, Art Flowers, & Robert Asire
Randy Jennings, Bob Asire, & Art Flowers
Lunch With A Cadet # 4 -  April 6, 2010  - Fred Majors - Georgetown SC

I had the pleasure yesterday to have lunch with one of our 1962/63 CMA Cadets, Fred Majors and I enjoyed a sunny Saturday Afternoon in the sun on the back porch of the Goat Island Grill overlooking the river, I had lunch and Fred sipped down a few Coronas with lime.  We talked for about an hour and Fred ordered a bucket with a few more Coronas with lime and we talked about another hour.  Fred has a wonderful little restaurant on the riverfront in Georgetown, SC.  He has been around the world and parts of Georgia and has become the quintessential southern gentleman.  We talked about old times at CMA, girls (Fred apologized to me for trying to pick up my date at the CMA 1963 Military Ball) and places that we have been in our travels, We talked about times right after CMA, Vietnam, and more than a few marriages(his of course).  He is quite a ladies' man judging by the way he tipped his hat to the ladies as they entered the restaurant. It was really a nice visit and I hope to spend more time with Fred in the future. (Update) for those of you who do not know, Fred had emergency surgery 2days after our lunch meeting and the doctors had to remove about 18" of his intestines, he has been back in the hospital 2 more times and had a few more inches removed.  The last time I talked to Fred (June 7, 2010) he was up and around and sounded great.  He says he goes into the restaurant about once a week.  Send Fred a message at, I am sure that he would love to hear from you.

Randy Jennings, Chuck Pless, Leo Fuller & John Williams
Fred's Goat Island Grill In Georgetown SC.
And The Man Himself - Fred Majors
Lunch With A Cadet # 5 - Some Ole Boys From CMA - Restaurant in Meggett, SC - 

A few of us got together Friday evening at a remote restaurant in Meggett, SC.  This is not far from Tommy's home on Swinton Creek.  In attendance were myself, Tommy Lemacks, Lee Johnson & Charlie Heye all wonderful CMA boys!!  - Shark

Lee Johnson, Charlie Heye, Melvin Roberts, & Tommy Lemacks
Emily & Charlie Heye, Melvin Roberts