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This is a new page that I have added so that I could share with you stories about having;

 "Lunch With A Cadet",

Every now and then myself or others have the opportunity to have Lunch with one or more of our fellow classmates and I like to pass along those, stories & photos to everyone.  I usually put these in our monthly newsletters but in order to make them available to everyone all the time and easy to find I decided to give these stories and photos their own page.  I hope that you enjoy them.

I plan to get together whenever I can with all of the cadets that now live near me  in South Carolina and North Carolina.  Anyone in this area please contact me so that we can schedule a lunch meeting soon after the new year.  rjennings2553@gmail.com. 843-450-5800
Lunch With A Cadet # 6 - 8 July 2010 - Ed Dunn, Andy Ray, Cal Humbert - Maxton & Laurinburg NC

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with & having lunch with 2 CMA cadet buddies Ed Dunn of Asheboro NC and Andy Ray of Winston Salem NC and a new CMA friend former CMA faculty member Cal Humbert of Maxton NC.  We meet at the Maxton Historical Society Museum where Jane Hersch the Director of the Museum showed us around the museum and   the information and memorabilia that she had on the history of Carolina Military Academy.  She seemed very proud of the items she had, Ed donated his hat with the white cover to go along with the items donated by David Carnevale, she  says that David stops by whenever he is in the area an always brings her something new to display.  They have quite a few CMA publications, old Guidon editions, The Cadet newsletters, CMA yearbooks.  The society is getting ready to expand the museum and will give CMA additional display space.  I have hopes that the CMA Alumni Association will be able to help her with the new space. I plan to send her some items and articles from the CMA website and hopefully we might be able to setup some type of electronic display with our Memorial Services videos or our CMA Then & Now sideshows.  If any of you have anything in the way of CMA memorabilia or publications that you would like to donate or just want to visit the museum please contact Jane Hersch at the Maxton Historical Society, P.O. Box 55, Maxton NC 28364.  I will try to get a telephone number and an email address for Jane soon.  

It was really nice to see and talk with Ed and Andy in Maxton,NC  The 3 of us have a common bond besides CMA, we all worked for Piedmont Airlines at one time or the other.  It was nice to see Cal Humbert,  I think that the relationship that we have with our faculty members is very unique,  each year at our reunions they seem to have just as good a time at we do.

 We also visited the Maxton Freight Depot where we will have our Maxton Regional Reunion on October 16,2010.  I look forward to seeing as many CMA Cadets, Faculty, and Friends as we can get to that reunion. 

While in Maxton I took the time to visit our old campus and took a few photos,  Not much left of old CMA but the track and athletic fields, as you can see from some of the photos, their are some apartments or condo on the lot where the administration building, domitories, gym and mess hall once stood.

I hope that you enjoy the photo's.
Andy Ray & Ed Dunn
CMA Display
Ed Dunn, Andy Ray & Cal Humbert
Jane places Ed's Hat on the display manikin
Maxton Freight Depot
One of the Meeting Rooms
Historical Monument Marker
We Also Visited 1971/72 CMA Cadet Carl Clark
New View Where Band Company Barracks Was Looking Towards The Administration Building
View From Street In Front Of Administration Building Towards Track
Old A Company Barracks
 Dinner With A Cadet # 7 - 9 Nov 2009 - Jim & Pat Lawrence Joined Melvin (Shark) Roberts & Tommy LeMacks in Charleston SC

Jim & Pat Lawrence Lunched with Shark & Tommy in Charleston SC after the Charlotte Regional Reunion, they also visited Maxton NC and Myrtle Beach SC on their tour after leaving Charlotte.  This is the kind of comraderia that we need to promote with our cadets.  If you are traveling around the country use the map on the home page of our secured webpages and see who lives in the area you are visiting and give them a call.
 Dinner With A Cadet # 8 - 9 Aug 2010 - John Meyers CMA Cadet 1965/66 of Rockingham NC

Patsy and I joined John and his lovely daughter and grandson as we returned to the scene of the crime, the "Dead Dog Saloon" in beautiful Murrells Inlet SC.  John is a photographer, website designer, and a gun shop manager.  He was visiting the beach with his wife and called up and said that he just had to see this "Dead Dog Saloon".  John attended his 1st CMA reunion at Myrtle Beach SC this past April 2010.  He said they had a great time and look forward to coming to the next reunion.  We shared some stories about CMA and photography and enjoyed the music, scenery and the famous "Marshwalk in Murrells Inlet.