Hello fellow classmates, friends and faculty, it was certainly nice to see those of you who made it to our 6th Annual CMA Reunion at Myrtle Beach last month.  I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.  My first obligation to the association as I promised at the meeting has been to design a new Internet website for the association.  It was suggested at the reunion that we need a good way to stay in touch with the membership.  That we need a tool to help us keep everyone in the association informed of the status of our members and to help to encourage new members to join the association and participate in our annual reunions.

I have set up a temporary website and we are in the planning stages to design a website with the help of the board of directors and a couple prominent members of the association, that will be able to handle the needs of the association, one which will be able to send emails, monthly newsletters, post information and photos about our alumni and their families, keep a historical timeline of the Carolina Military Academy Alumni Association, announce upcoming events, and pass on commendations and thanks to the helpful members of the associations and faculty. 

Please take a moment to visit our new website.  www.carolinamilitaryacademy.org

We have changed the formats and have added many new features, we are looking forward to establishing many new ways for the association to communicate with you and keep you informed.  The CMA Alumni Association is requesting your help with articles, news and photos from alumni and families, memorial information from families of lost comrades.  If you can help with this info or know someone who may be able to contribute please have them get in touch with us, also if anyone has any old "GUIDON"s the CMA Newspapers please email them to me for reprint and historical purposes.  We plan to publish a monthly newsletter online and email it to our membership but we cannot do this without your news and comments.    

Check out the photo section on the website, we are adding new photos daily, we are starting a Then & Now page but I need some Now photos from you of your favorite cadet.  I have a plan to have a printable CMA Annual download that you can download and print on your own computer.  I have almost finished work on the 1963 Annual and I am working hard to include other annuals in the near future.

Please email us and share your idea, comments or any concerns that you may have about the website.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Remember without your input we will only be reading what I know and that will not be very interesting.


Randy Jennings


  First of all I would like to "Welcome" everyone to the first edition of the new "Guidon".  We hope to bring you a new issue every month to keep you informed and uptodate with everything about the Carolina Military Academy Alumni Association.  We will bring you news about newly found alumni, news about up coming events, photos that you share with the alumni, news from you about significant happenings in your life.  In other words any thing that is important to our alumni.  We hope that you will share your information with us. 

I Hope everyone who was able to come to Myrtle Beach had a good time at this year's reunion.  Lots of memories ......  eating at the Giant Crab and going to Carolina Opry on Friday Night, telling stories and enjoying good food at the Saturday Banquet, eating buffet breakfasts Saturday and Sunday morning.  We also visited the military museum (in the hotel where we stayed ) which included a mini replica of the Vietnam memorial wall.  We understand that two CMA cadets are listed on the wall.  Lots of good food, fun, fellowship and a little bit of lies, truths, and gossip. We would like to thank the Alumni and Faculty that attended and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.  We missed all of you guys  who couldn't make it this year.                      

Next year's Reunion has been  set for April 23, 24, 25th at the  Sand Dunes.  Rates and schedule will follow in the near future.  The hotel has offered the same rate for 3 day before and 3 days after the reunion for thoughs who want to enjoy a little more time at the beach.  Hope you'll make plans now to be a part of CMA Reunion 2010.  More Info as it is available..........................

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Chuck Pless
New Secretary\Webmaster

Randy Jennings

Can you identify the cadet in this photo?


This contest is only for those who have not attended a reunion lately.
   Email your answer to rjennings2553@gmail.com   

Regional CMA Alumni Meetings Coming To Your Area……Soon

The CMA Alumni Association is planning some regional meeting in the North Carolina and South Carolina area this summer, let us know if you would like to host a meeting in your area.  We are thinking a lunchen meeting at a local restaurant.  Let us know what you think about this, we think that it would be a good chance to see some of our cadets that have not been able to make it to a reunion,  we can share photos and stories of "the good old days" and have some good fellowship with our old friends.

(hosting does not require a monetary contribution)

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