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Tom Ward & Art Smith
The following is an email from recently reconnected cadet - Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward
Columbus OH

30 April 2009

Dear Randy

Thank you for your email, as I promised this is a little news from the recent reunion I attended at Millersburg, KY

The 100th.Anniversary of the U.S.Army Cadet Corps was spectacular. The M.M.I. Alumni that attended were honored and made to feel very welcome. Col.Land, the Chief of Staff made it clear that the M.M.I. Alumni will always be a part of Millersburg and the U.S.A.C.C..The Colonel stressed the need for an M.M.I Alumni Association and is helping us to form that association. It is about time that we have an alumni association after 113 years. One would think that someone during our 113 year history would have formed such an association many years ago.
Yes, there was a M.M.I./C.M.A. Alumnus present; None other than Arthur Smith. As I think you are aware, Arthur is a legend at M.M.I.. He is one of the most outstanding all sport athletes to attend M.M.I..He did well at C.M.A. also, and it was great to see him again. This occasion was the first time that Arthur returned to M.M.I. after he graduated in 1962. In August of 1962 Arthur attended C.M.A. as a post graduate.
Please take care and stay in touch.
P.S. As soon as the after action report and event photos are available, I'll forward them to you.