Carolina Military Academy
An Alumni Association
Raleigh Regional Reunion
The Raleigh NC Regional Reunion concluded around 3:00 PM on Saturday 14 August 2010, with a small but enthusiastic crowd.  22 CMA cadets and spouses enjoyed a great meal, friendly camaraderie, school stories and yes a few minor fibs. Mike Davis opened the event with welcomes to all, Randy Jennings presented the "CMA Memorial Video" to honor our lost comrades.  We were joined by a few new CMA faces, Richard & Rhea Bordeaux of Sandford NC, Bill Banks of Holly Springs, Peter Wakker of Raleigh, Ray & Elaine Godwin of Holly Springs and Charles Leeuwenburg of Morehead City who have both been to some of our other reunions.  Randy Jennings explained that the Regional Reunion Program was a brainchild that came out of the 2009 Annual Reunion at Myrtle Beach where we would try to reach out to some of our classmates that were not always able to join us at our annual reunion and also to encourage them to participate in the reunions and website recently developed by the CMA Alumni Association. Randy said that he and Mike Davis were really overwhelmed and appreciative of all of the regular CMA Alumni Association members and their wives that join us at these regional reunions to welcome our new attendees.

Thank you so much to all attendees for their participation in the Raleigh NC Regional Reunion, We look forward to seeing all of you at the Maxton Regional Reunion on 16 October 2010.