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This Page Will Be Used For The Recognition Of Persons And Or Companies For Contributions Of Time And Energy To The Carolina Military Academy Alumni Association And Will Be An Ongoing Work In Progress.........
12 March 2004 -  To all the folks involved in the 1st Annual CMA Alumni Association Reunion. To include both alumni and faculty Thank You for your important contribution to this historic event.
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25 July 2010 - Excert from Email To Randy Jennings

     While we have never meet I can't seem to do anything but admire you. I'm one of those people, that believes in phrasing folks when they do something outstanding and that's just what you do here on this site each day. I have watched the way you keep up this web site and work every event and reunion like its your one passion in life. You do the best job of this I have ever seen. For a guy who only attended for one year its just over whelming. I attended for three years and I loved every day but I would never have the energy to do what you have done here. Every Cadet from CMA owes you a debt of gratitude. I for one thank you for keeping our great school alive in the minds of those that are left.
With gratitude,
Johnie Vereen 
Oak Island, NC 
I hope you post this for all our Alumni to read