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July 2009 Newsletter
Volume 1                                                                   Maxton, North Carolina                      July 2009                                                                              Number 4
Chuck Pless
Website News
Randy Jennings
"That's All Folks"
Regional Reunions

The regional reunions are off with a bang, Check out the update link below to see all about the Lexington KY reunion. Randy Jennings and Mike Davis (next years association president) are heading up this one and it promises to be a great event.  Bill Sigmon, Benny Weathers, and Don Batten are working on the Raleigh NC regional reunion. They are planning a Bar B Que Dinner in the Raleigh NC area in the early fall.  We are still looking for someone to help Joseph (Brodie) McCloskey to put on the Charlotte NC area regional reunion, if you would like to offer your help please contact me or Randy Jennings.  

We are also planning more regional reunions for the Maxton NC, Laurinburg NC, Lumberton, NC, and Fayetteville NC areas, maybe one reunion to cover the entire area.  Let us know what you think.

Website & Regional Reunion Donation

Your Alumni Association is incuring expenses to operate this website with annual web hosting charges, domain name charges, as well as getting the word out to our fellow classmates without email capabilities in the form of mailings, postage etc.  we will also be incuring incidental cost to put on these regional reunions such as name badges, sound system rental, podium charges, meeting room rental charges, and presentation cost .  We prefer not to charge individules coming to these regional reunions except for their lunches,  We also do not want to charge a membership fee to be a part of the association, we feel that the more incentative we give these fellow cadets to attend these regional reunions the more will attend.  We will never pay travel cost, overnight room rental, of per diem cost to any member of the board or persons hosting one of these reunions.  We all volunteer our labor and services to the benefit of the alumni association and we encourage all classmates to pitch in and do their part.  With that said I want to hear from you about putting a donation page on our website where those who are capable and willing can donate to the association to help defray cost.  As always the association will have a full accounting of all expenses paid through the association.  Please respond to the web poll below concerning this important issue.


Chuck Pless

Website Statistics Update

We have had a lot of new registered users on the website over the past 3 months.  I am very happy with the number and I encourage every registered user to reach out to fellow CMA classmates and get them on board. 
I will buy the 1st person who registers (15) new unregistered classmate between Aug 1, 2009 and Aug 31, 2009 Lunch (1) at the "Sea Captains House" during the Annual reunion in Myrtle Beach.  Just send me an email dated before they sign up with their name and email address and  the 1st person that sends me 15 names and those names sign up during August 2009 they will be the winners.

New Registered users by month
 April 2009 =    3 (RU)
  May 2009 =  38 (RU)
June 2009 =  24 (RU) 
  July 2009 =  11 (RU) 
We also have 6 Guest (RU)
Total 81 Registered as of 7/21/09

Click on the link below to see the entire list of registered users.

"In Memory" Page

I have added more information about some of our Fallen Friends.  I have been in touch with Margret Parris Ledford the daughter of Coach Clyde Parrish and she has provided a lot of infomation on his life as well as his obituary, you are encouraged to visit these pages and view the "In Memory" profiles and to add a response to these pages, let the friends,  family, and classmates know what these classmates meant to you during you time at CMA.  You may leave a personal response on any of the profile pages.  Don't be shy visit the profiles today.

Get Well Soon Forum

I am afraid that I have no updates to the "Get Well" forum topic this month, other that Mike Morky I have had no word from anyone on the conditions of our classmate with health problems.  Let me hear from anyone who has information about our friends.  Cadets please when you view these forums leave a response so that the person who is in poor health knows that we are thinking and praying for them.  I know that there are alot of caring CMA cadets out there that view these pages.  Remember if you don't participate this website will not continue...................Help

CMA School Roster

I am working hard to add years 1967-1972 classmates names and original hometowns, year attended and class to the CMA School Roster I hope that this will help you find cadets that you are looking for better.  It is sorted by last name and should group multi-year students together.  If you have any suggestions or complaints or notice mistakes let me know.

Coming Soon

Information about our Annual Reunion at Myrtle Beach SC  will be coming up soon.  Keep checking back to the website for more information

Randy Jennings

"Photo's Of The Month"
Can You Identify These Gentlemen and their charity event from 1966 --- Email Me With The Answers - Rjennings2553@gmail.com
Answers Next Month - Last Months Photo - Coach Bill Whaley and Clyde Parrish
How Would You Feel About A Donation Drive?Yes I Would Donate
No I Would Not Donate
Need More Information
Can Not Afford To At This Time
Ken O'Leary Is Going To Lexington KY For The Reunion, He Lives In The Raleigh-Durham Area And Is Looking For Anyone Who Would Like To Share The Ride With Him.  Contack Ken at cptkemo@gmail.com Or Call Him @ 919-428-6121