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June 2010 Newsletter
Volume 2                                                                   Maxton, North Carolina                   July 2010                                                                              Number 4
Randy Jennings
Mike (Bart) Davis - President

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Hi Everyone

I hope that you are enjoying your summer and all of this beautiful sunshine, it seems that the summer is just flying by so fast, vacations and long weekends are gone before you know it.  

I am writing to remind everyone that we have a Regional Reunion coming up in Raleigh NC on Saturday 14 August 2010. Randy tells me that he is a little disappointed in the number of persons that have signed up, only 19 persons so far and only 3 of those's are from the Raleigh area.  We came up with the Regional Reunion Program so that we could bring the CMA Reunions to some of the cadets that could no come to the Annual Reunion in Myrtle Beach, but we need your participation to keep the program successful.  I would like to encourage all of the cadets in the Raleigh are to attend this reunion and bring along your spouses, I would also like to remind those of you who have been to our annual reunions and live in the Raleigh area to attend the regional's and help us convince the other cadets how much fun we have getting to know our old friends again.  The comradery & friendship that is felt at our reunions is very special, we continue to have bigger and better crowds at these reunions and more and more fun each year.  Don't let this opportunity slip by and leave you out.  If you have not signed up yet for the Raleigh Reunion please do so by Aug 7, 2010, that is our deadline for this reunion and we must give a final count to the restaurant.  To sign up go to the website and click on the blue Raleigh Regional Reunion button on the home page to read all about the reunion and then click the Registration Button and fill out the registration form or call Randy Jennings at 843-450-5800.  If you want to know who has comfirmed attending the reunion click on the Comfirmed Attendees button. I look forward to see all on your in Raleigh NC.

The Maxton Regional Reunion is scheduled for Saturday, October 16, 2010, don't miss out on this 1st Maxton Reunion, it look like it is shaping up to be a great get togeather check out the information about Maxton by clicking on the buttons below, Lets show Maxton that we still have a place in our heart for Carolina Military Academy.  We also plan to have the Maxton Historical Society Museum open during our visit so that you can see the CMA historical display at the museum.


Michael (Bart) Davis
Hi Fellow Cadets

I had the opportunity to visit and have lunch with a couple cadets and faculty member this month in Maxton NC,  I also had my first look at the Maxton Historical Society and the Maxton Freight House click on the button below to read about my latest lunch with a cadet and see the photos that I took.  You will be able to revisit this page as I add more to it in the future by going to the Newsletter page and click on the Lunch With A Cadet Page 2 button below.
New "In Memory" Page

I was contacted this week by a former CMA Faculty member about the death of one of our classmates, his name was "Cloyd Mitchell (Skip) Johns of Columbia TN.  The obituary that he sent me was a little different than most and told alot about his life but very little about his death.  I am not sure when he died.  You can visit his "In Memory" page by clicking on the link below.
Reunion Photos - Updates

I had a few complaints about not identifing the cadets, wives, & faculty in the reunion photos so everyone would be able to know who they are,  I did not take these photos and I do not know or can not identify a lot of people in the photos.  I am sorry if I got any of them wrong, if I got your name wrong or you are identified with a ? mark, please give me a call or an email and ID yourself and I will fix them.  Most new photos have names below the photos, on the old reunion photos please roll you mouse cursur across the photo and the lable will pop up and tell you who is in the photo.  I have only had time to do 2003, 2004 and 2005 so far, I will get to the others in time.  I have also spent a great deal of time updating the "Then & Now" slide show and will show them 1st in Raleigh and 2nd in Maxton before I put it on the website, I will probably have to put the "Then & Now" in two sections since it is so big.  I also added a few more of our lost friends (Sandy Chestnut and Skip Johns) to the "in Memory" pages and video.  If anyone does not like thier photo on the website, please let me know and I will gladly take it off.  If you have a better "Now" photo please email to me and I will change it for you in the profiles and the "Then & Now" video.
Medical Update

Salem van Every - Spoke with Salem yesterday and he has lost over 100 lbs and feels 100% recovered from his surgery, He is currently touring the Grand Tetons in Wyoming in his motor home, to email Salem go to his profile at the secure webpages and send him you thoughts.

Margaret (Parrish) Ledford -  Margaret is recovering at home from back surgery, I have enbedded a recent email from her below: to email Margaret go to her profile at the secure webpages and send her you thoughts.

Thanks, Randy!  I will be homebound for about 4 weeks.  I can't drive or ride in a car for 4 weeks.  I can only  sit up to eat and potty.  The rest of the time I rest in bed or the recliner.  I am not supposed to bend, twist, turn, reach, or lift things. No doing laundry, cooking, or cleaning!!!  I can start walking a little each day, but in the house just at first.  When I go back to the Dr. in 4 weeks then we will schedule physical therapy.  I am feeling so much better already.  It doesn't hurt my legs to walk now.  The only pain is the incision and that will get better with time.  Thanks again for checking on me.!

Margaret Ledford  

That's All Folks!

See You In Raleigh.