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Volume 1                                                                   Maxton, North Carolina                      June 2009                                                                              Number 3
Chuck Pless
Website News
Randy Jennings
"That's All Folks"
Regional Reunions

We are working hard to complete plans for the Regional Reunions, We need your input, go to the secure web pages and click on the 2 survey links and add your comments and answers to the survey's.  We really care what you think and are trying to customise these reunions but without your help we are in the dark.  I can not stress how important your input is for the success of these regional reunions.  We are holding up these reunions untill we hear from you so get on the ball and fill out your survey ASAP.  

Secure Web Page Success

I would like to thank all of you who signed up for our secure web page roll out registration last month, we have had over 65 cadets register for the website,  many are new to us, we feel the new website is making a difference and we hope those of you who have joined have enjoyed browseing the new website and reuniting with old friends and classmates.  Please take advantage of the features of the site, you may email old friends, browse photos of classmates, add your comment to the cadets forum.  In the future you will be able to "Chat Live", "sign up for reunions" , and maybe even have a video chat with an old roommate using the new "Skype" Technology.  So enjoy the site and let us hear your comments and suggestions.

Photos and Documents

We need your help finding photos and documents from the CMA days, We can not do this without your help, please email any info you have from Carolina Military Academy to Randy Jennings at rjenning2553@gmail.com.  We are interested in any memorable stories from cadets and faculty.  You faculty members, there are only 3 of you so far, contact your fellow faculty alumni and get them to sign up on the website. Help Help Help.....Keep Randy busy,   


Chuck Pless

Website Statistics

We opened the website on April 19th and the secure web pages in May 09 since that time both sides of the site have had over 2100 visitors out of these visitors only  67 cadets and faculty have registered and filled out their profile pages. Based on last months statistics we had about 25 visitors per day,  Just for your information if you log into the site more than once a day the counter only counts your 1st sign in of the 24 hour period. I would like to thank everyone that has signed up for the site, I know I have probably talked to about 50% of you guys and have heard some great stories about CMA.  My memory is filling up so I need you to email the stories you have shared with me or put them on your profile page. 

 I would like to thank Scott Blankinship, Mike Davis, Tom Ward, Bill Sigmon for supplying all the infomation they had on CMA.  I would also like to point out one profile that I would like everyone to visit and that is of Cadet DJ Gallo, if you like good music, Blues and Beach check out his profile, I think you will enjoy it and it will give you some idea of what you can do with your profile.  We get asked everyday "What ever happened to so and so"  (maybe that would be a good page)   Let us hear from you and upload your photos to your profile, if you are shy or need any help give me a call.  I will be glad to help.

New Website Features

Annual Books

I have completed some of the Annual Books that I have been working on and encourage you to check them out, they are on the photo menu in the Annual Photos for each year 63,64,65,66, 71. and 72.  I am working as fast as I can on the next few years but it is slow going, lots of names, photos and cut and pasting.

Happy Birthday Pages

I have added a Happy Birthday Page with photos that you can click on and send the Birthday Cadet an email, please take advantage of sending our special cadets an email on there special day.

Just For Fun Pages

I have put up a "Just For Fun" page that I can upload neat and cool stuff that I find on the internet, check it out, it will grow with time.  All of you folks that send out email to everybody with memorable items, send it to me and I will post it on the "just for fun page", I can put animated graphics, Music, Photos almost anything that you think is funny. I will rely on your good taste to police yourself.

"In Memory" Page

I have added information about some of our Fallen Friends.  I encourage to get in touch with me if you have any information about our Fallen Friends,  I feel that we need to honor all or our cadets that have gone before us to there maker.  I want everyone to know that we cherish the memory of all our Cadets, not just the ones who died for their country.  I will add infomation as I receive it.  Please help me to keep the facts correct. 

Get Well Soon Forum

When I receive word that one of our own is feeling under the weather or has had an operation I will post it in the Get Well Soon Forum, you may go to the forum and leave a Get Well message to our cadets.

Reunion Surveys

I know that Chuck has already told you about the need to take the reunion surveys on the left side of the page on the secure web pages,  We have had 67 Cadets register for the website and only 14 have taken the surveys, It is very important to the Board of Directors that we get this information from you.  We want to know what you want to do at the reunions. So please take the time to give us your thoughts and opinions.

CMA School Roster

On the home page of the secure web pages you will find a CMA School Roster that list each and every cadet (except for 1967, I am still trying to get this info) that has attended Carolina Military Academy, their original hometown, School Grade and Years Attended, I hope this will be of use to you if you are searching for a friend, classmate or roommate.

Coming Soon

I have been told by the folks that host our website that we will soon have "Live Chat" and "Threaded Email" In the not to distant future.  Live chat will allow us to have an online Live Forum where we can have a reunion every week that you can join in on and swap school stories and talk about our kids and our life and you will be able to get feedback "Live."  

Threaded Email will allow you to subscribe to a subject and when anyone speaks on that subject you will receive an email about the subject.

The one thing that I have to keep saying is Participate, Participate, Participate.  With out your input this train will slowly grind to a halt........................

Randy Jennings

"Photo's Of The Month"
Can You Identify These Gentlemen --- Email Me With The Answers - Rjennings2553@gmail.com
Answers Next Month - Last Months Photo - Cadet Paul Richards of Brooklyn NY