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"That's All Folks"
CMA Cadets Return To MMI Reunion
After Action Report By
Tom Ward
100th.Anniversary of the U.S.Army Cadet Corps held at Hq. U.S.A.C.C., Millersburg KY
The 100th.Anniversary Celebration of The U.S.Army Cadet Corps was held at the organization's recently acquired property, the campus of the former Millersburg Military Institute, Millersburg Kentucky. The U.S.A.C.C. has moved their National Headquarters to Millersburg and intends to establish the National Cadet Training Center there. The grand opening celebration was held on April 23-26, 2009.
The celebration started on April 23rd. with the Army Cadet Classic Clay Shoot. This event was followed on April 24th. by a Millersburg Military Institute Alumni Luncheon Tour of the National Cadet Training Center. Col.Joseph M.Land Sr., the Chief of Staff, briefed us on the proposed military vocation school, to include future campus expansion and building construction.
The evening of April 23rd., a M.M.I./Army Cadet Birthday Ball and Dinner was held.The dinner was conducted as a traditional Military Mess Night with all that the tradition entails. The dinner itself was excellent and all who attended enjoyed their evening.
The Parade of Cadets was held on the morning of April 25th.. The parade was massive. It stepped off at the bridge at the west end of Millersburg and terminated on campus. The 8 or so M.M.I. Alumni who marched in the parade were honored by being placed in front of the formation, directly behind the Cadet Color Detail. There was also a flyover by an Army Apache Helicopter.
After arriving on campus, the National Cadet Training Center Activation Ceremony was conducted. After opening remarks, the ceremony started with a paratrooper jumping with an American Flag, then a holiday size American Flag was raised with an artillery salute performed by an outstanding C.S.A. Reenactor Group. The ceremony concluded with a pass in review of the Troops. Again the M.M.I. Alumni present were honored by being seated in the reviewing area. On April 26th. a Non-denominational Worship Service was conducted.
Col. Land and his Staff did an absolutely outstanding job of planning and executing this event. Everything was accomplished with precision. The Colonel made it clear that we M.M.I. Alumni would always be welcome and a part of Millersburg and the U.S.A.C.C..He is currently assisting the M.M.I. Alumni in forming a M.M.I.Alumni Association. 

For all of you MMI Cadets that went down to Carolina Military Academy I would like to inform you that there will be an organizational meeting that will be held by the Chief of Staff of the U.S.Army Cadet Corps, Col. Joseph Land, in Millersburg, Ky. at 1130hrs. 06 June 09.  The purpose of this meeting is for organizing the M.M.I. Alumni Association and you are all invited, as well as, any other M.M.I. Alumni that you wish to bring. Lunch will be served at 1130 followed by the meeting.  Please contact Col. Land's at; Joseph.m.landsr@armycadets.org  or Tom Ward at tward29@live.com if you have any comments or questions.
Tom Ward 1963
Art Smith 1963
Tom Ward 2009
The official story as regards CMA Alumni Association beginnings is:
by "Shark Roberts"
Frank Lea used to come to Charleston a good bit. Once about 17 years ago he mentioned that "we" (Lea, Digger Lemacks, and Shark) should do something about having a CMA reunion. We talked about it a few times but nothing ever came about it. 

               Frank Lea III                         Tommy "Digger" Le Macks                Melvin "Shark" Roberts                 Marshal Baker

One year a few years later....we all met at Frank Lea's beach house along with Marshall Baker CMA'63.
Lea gave out a few names for each of us to call....but no one ever called anyone as other things always kept us busy. Then it happened...lea promised to fund up to, I think, $20.00 in phone long distance charges if Tommy & I would do the phoning.  Tommy came by my house one COLD Sunday morning & from there we opened my annual and "tried" to call the cadets using the home towns listed in the annual.  We must have called 25--30 maybe more, cadets & never once got anyone!  If I remember right....I did get one, Frank Sossamon. He wasn't home so I left a message. He doesn't remember that. In any event...we tried a second time and finally reached one guy...then another & another, etc. Each cadet knew how to reach an old friend or room mate & the chase was on. We were greatly encouraged as each cadet was extremely excited about our forthcoming reunion. 

We ended  up with about 95 or so CMA boys & girls & teachers!  Our first reunion was HUGE.  Each one since has been smaller. While I don't think that we will ever get back to the big numbers of our first & second reunions...I would like to see us begin to grow our attendance by using class agents. These cadets would reach out to their particular classes & encourage  them to "come home". 

Tommy "Digger" Le Macks was a big help in formulating a plan to put the reunion on. Every one that left that first reunion at Litchfield Beach left happy and looking forward to the next one.   

The Carolina Military Academy Alumni Association 1sr Reunion 2003, Litchfield Beach SC

Hello Again

Hello again and welcome to our 2nd edition of the Carolina Military Academy Guidon Newsletter we are proud of our accomplishments with the new website as well as the newsletter and hope that you enjoy hearing from your alumni association.  We plan to publish this newsletter once a month as long as we can come up with fresh new ideas.  Because of the website we have reconnected with some of our missing cadets.  Just to give you an idea of who we have restablished contact with are, Tom Ward of Columbus OH, Gene Vincent of Center Point TX, Jim Peden of Ajax NC, and Jim "Spyder" Lawrence of Lexington KY, Billy Lewis of Lebanon KY,Don Hershberger of Butler, PA, Ladson (Slim) Morgan of Gastonia, NC Robert Asire of Murrells Inlet, SC and Robert McCallum of Chiefland FL.  We welcome all past cadets home to the Carolina Military Academy Alumni Association.

Secure Web Pages Roll Out

We would like to announce to roll out of our new "Secure Web Pages" .  This site is where you will go to update your classmate profile.  We would like your input to this name, we can name it "Classmates Profile", or "Cadets Profile".  We will be putting a new survey on our website for you to chose which you like the best.  Randy Jennings will tell you a little more about the new features of the website below.

Regional Cadets Meetings

We are still in the planning stages for our regional cadets meetings, our intention is to have a meeting in the Charleston, SC area, the Charlotte, NC area, and the Raleigh, NC area.  We are in the process of appointing hosts from these areas.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help with these meetings or would like to host another meeting in your area, please get in touch with me at cpless@perigee.net.

The Board of Directors had requested that the website contain a place where classmates could sign in to a secure database, enter their personal password and create a profile containing contact information, personal history information as well as be able to upload photo's that they would like to share with the association.  This database would be strictly confidential, the contact information would only be available to the registered classmates and the cadet would have the ability to hide any pertinent contact data from the general public or Internet search engines as well as fellow classmates if he/she desires. But the registered classmates would be able to email their classmates by going to their profile and sending them an email.  Only the Website Administrator (Bill Sigmon) and Webmaster (Randy Jennings) would have absolute access to the contact information that you input in your profile. This contact information would be used by the Association to email newsletters, news updates, and reunion notices.  If for some reason you do not want to receive these items you may email the administrator and your name will be removed immediately from any mailing list.

With alot of help from Bill Sigmon Jr. a CMA classmate in 1968/69 and an add-on to our current website, we have created such a database.  I would like to take this opporturnity to thank Bill for all his help and guidence, Without his help I would still be staring at the computer screen wondering which way to go.

I have outlined below some of it's features that are available now, and some that will be available in the future, But first;

To reach our new "Secure Web Pages" click on the red button identified with the words "Classmates Profiles" directly above the Guest Book.  This Link will take you to a 1st Time Visitors Page with frequently asked questions (FAQ) .  After you have made yourself familiar with the instructions you may click on the link at the top of the page that says "Continue to Classmates Profiles".  Once you are at the "Classmates Profile" page scroll down the page till you find your name and click on it and follow the instructions and enter your information and password.  If your name is not on the list proceed down the page to the bottom where there is a link to have your name placed on the list.  This will be accomplished usually within 24 hrs.

I hope that you enjoy these new features, if you have any trouble please email me rjennings2553@gmail.com an I will get back to you ASAP.  Instruction on other features will be available via email at your request.

New Features:   Classmates Profile, Message Forum, In Memory (Fallen Friends) pages, Missing Classmates page (missing classmates are defined as classmates who have not signed in a created a classmate profile on this site.

Future Features: User Forums, Live Chat, Reunion Questionnaire, Reunion Order Form, and many more.

Your Suggestions Would Be Graciously Appreciated