Hello Fellow Cadets 

Well it has been a world-wind month, it seems like just yesterday that we were at Myrtle Beach talking oldtimes with some of our old buddies.  For those of you who do not know yet, Sherri and I along with some very close friends were back at the beach this past week. I am proud to say that my girlfriend and longtime friend and companion Sherri Abbott and I finally tied the knot on the balcony of Melvin (Shark) Roberts condo. We are sorry that we could not have all of you here for the event but it is only a 3 bedroom codo.

Even with the wedding and the honeymoon Randy Jennings was able to track me down and between him and Ed Dunn we have chosen the date for the CMA 2011 Annual Reunion in Myrtle Beach.  Mark your calendar, for May 13, 14, & 15, 2011. We have tried to take everyone's comments into consideration and we hope that we have pleased everyone.  I know that that is Friday the 13th but at our age "what the hey".  We will be putting an online survey on our website as soon as we have put together all of our options and have come up with the best prices we can get.  We have been in touch with the Hotel and they have agreed to hold the prices of the rooms to the same price we paid this year, $ 59.00 plus tax (dbl occupancy).

Randy and the Maxton Regional Reunion committee are hard at work on that reunion and I will let him tell you what they have worked out on that event.  That is all that I have for you at this time.

Thank You for your participation in our association.

Mike (Bart) Davis

Hello Everyone - Congratulations to Mike and Sherri on their Wedding.

Like Mike said I have been hard at work not only planning next years annual reunion dates but also the regional reunion dates for other up and coming events which I have listed below.
Maxton Regional Reunion 

Frank Lea, Cal Humbert, Scott Blankinship, and I have come up with the date for the Maxton Regional Reunion.  Mark your calendar for Saturday October 16th, 2010. We are still working on the venue and we will give you more on that later,   This will be a lunch-time event and Steve Godwin (CMA Cadet 1963/64 from Fayetteville NC) has agreed to put on a barbecue cookout for us.  Frank and Cal are working out plans to have the reunion at the newly renovated train depot in Maxton.  We hope to have more news next month on this venue.  If you live in the Maxton area and would like to volunteer your help with this reunion we would appreciate your help, we are trying to locate people in the area that had a connection to Carolina Military Academy to invite them to the reunion.  If you are in contact with anyone that might like to attend please have them contact me at rjennings2553@gmail.com or have them call me at 843-450-5800.  

You do not have to have attended CMA to attend this reunion.  We would like to invite any past and present community leaders, family and friends of Cadets, CMA faculty, and other towns people who would like to join us for this reunion.  CMA has a long history in the Maxton area and we don't want to leave anyone out.  We intend to keep the price for the luncheon as low as possible so that everyone will be able to attend.  Like with all events, we must have good headcount so that we can plan for the crowd.  I will keep a list of all those's that call and email me and will put them on our contact list for this reunion so that we can keep everyone informed about our plans.  I will be putting up a web page on www.carolinamilitaryacademy.org to keep everyone who has Internet capabilities informed and I will of-course update everyone with the monthly newsletter that are on our current email list. So encourage everyone to go to our website and keep in touch as we continue to plan this event. I will put up a sign up form on the website as soon as we decide on the venue.

Raleigh Regional Reunion

I am also working on a regional reunion this summer in Raleigh NC.  I hope to have dates and locations for you in the near future.  Anyone with any ideas for this reunion please contact me at the numbers or email above and we will get the planning underway.  I would like to have a get-together like we had in Charlotte last summer and try to get as many of our local cadets, friends and faculty together as we can.  I am looking for a hotel or restaurant to have a pay as you go lunch that has a private room that will seat from 35-50 people.  Anyone that know of a good place get in touch with me.  We have had a lot of fun bringing the reunions to our cadets who have been unable to attend our annual reunion.  If you live in the Raleigh area talk to your friends and let them know we are coming to town this summer.

Thank you 

Randy Jennings


Carolina Military Academy
An Alumni Association
May 2010 Newsletter
Volume 2                                                                   Maxton, North Carolina                   May 2010                                                                              Number 2
"That's All Folks"
Randy Jennings
Mike (Bart) Davis - President

Planning For The Future
Regional Reunion

Morris Sills (CMA 63), Former campus leader and athlete at CMA is a junior attending University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  Morri' phone rang on a Saturday morning recently and a voice told him he had a date with a girl who wasn't Miss America. But she was the next thing, the runner-up

Patsy Puckett, Miss Mississippi of 1965, was brought to Sills courtesy of a computerized method of boy -girl matching called "Operation Match."

And if every girl looked (five feet six inches, blond hair. hazel eyes) and acted like her, there wouldn't be an unhappy man on the face of the earth.

The Carolina men clustered around Morris and Miss Puckett looking on with a trace of envy.  Sills grinned and remarked that he was "quite Pleased."

And then there was the economics class that he missed.  He was headed out the door when the phone jangled---Morri never made it to class.  But then a few sacrifices had to be made for 16 hours with Miss Mississippi.

"Operation Match," the newest twist in college dating, is designed to take the blindness out of a blind date by using a computer to match couples.  A student pays $3 and answers about 100 questions.  In return the IBM 7090 will spit out the names of from five to twenty perfect or near perfect matches.

Of course Miss Puckett got a good shake too. Sills, a 20-yearold Oreland, Pa. native, is six feet-three with brown hair and hazel eyes. She grinned slightly as he said all that he had asked from the largest computer in the world was just an "attractive tall girl" with whom he is compatible.

There were a few complications in Morri's case, like the date he had for the Virginia-Carolina game.  After all, who would pass up a complete day with the runner-up with Miss America?  Luckily (or unluckily) Sills' original date was not in when he phoned to break the date. " I took the cowards way out and had a friend get in touch with her," he remarked.

After the game Miss Puckett and Sillls attended a reception in her honor at Craig Dormitory and Blair House in Durham.  Early in the evening the couple visited the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house at Duke University in Durham.

Morri plans to be here at CMA for the Alumni-Varsity Basketball game January 15th, lets have him tell us all about his bonanza.

Ex-CMA-Student Dates Miss Mississippi
Excert from CMA Guidon - November 1965.


Harrison McCraw. starting fullback at Auburn Univ., CMA '63.
Harriscn McCraw ('63, will be remembered by his CMA classmates and teachers as a gentleman, a scholar and an athlete. The 190 pound native of Andalusia. Alabama, recently scored the winning touchdown in the Tigers 20-17 victory over powerful Kentucky. He has proven an able replacement for All-American Tucker Fredrickson who has since joined the professional ranks.

McCraw, a fierce competitor, was outstanding in all three major sports at C.M.A. Perhaps his most remarkable athletic feat occurred the night he held Shallotte's high-scoring Robert Galloway to 7 points in a basketball contest. Galloway, highest scorer in the history of North Carolina high school basketball, came Into the game with a 34.4 average.

Excert from CMA Guidon - November 1965.

"The date with her was a lot of fun and was the best 3 bucks I ever spent". Mo
Health Care Updates
Jesse Mercer -  (excerpt from email from Jesse)

Thank you so much for thinking of me and the opportunity to send a note to all the guys.
Since I have stopped with the salt - I loved my salt! - and have been taking the lasix (sp) I have dropped 36 lbs. (fluid around my heart) It's so wonderful to be able to bend over and put on my shoes and socks and carry groceries in the house without having to rest after every short walk. I feel good overall, but walking any distance (over a 100 feet or so) is impossible, still I manage quite well.

I am especially sorry that I had to miss this year's reunion since there were people present for the first time that I really wanted to see. Perhaps next year.

My best to all, Jess

Fred Majors -  I spoke with Fred a few days ago and he is recovering well but slowly, He says thanks to all of the guys for the get well card.  He hopes to be back on his feet in a few more weeks.  For those of you who do not know, Fred had a herneated intestine and had emergency surgery a week before the annual reunion in Myrtle Beach, He said that they took out over 18 inches of his intestines.  
Mike Morky - For those of you who do not know, Mike had surgery on his neck right after the reunion at Myrtle Beach, if was scheduled surgery to help him regain the feeling in his hands.  The surgery went well and he is recovering quite well. he says that the feelings are coming back in his hands. 

From Mike

Have no neck pain and am off pain pills. Will take awhile for my hands to come back but I no longer have nerve pain In them. Will be riding my Harley next week! Bought a 2 seat convertible and will be taking It to the reunion next May!

Thanks Mike
Salem Van Every - Here’s a little something which may get you up-to-date, that is health wise…

My surgery began on 30 March, 2010 at 0730 hrs.  The original surgery was to repair a “Nut Cracker Achalasia, and also to perform a wrap from my stomach to keep food from going back up the esophagus.” The surgery was to last about 1 ½ hrs, however, problems occurred…

Eric Skipper, MD was called in to assist B. Todd Heniford, MD to perform open heart surgery to the back of my heart, to (“Rotor Rooter a few problems…”) after the open heart surgery, they noticed scar tissue around my stomach, and liver, so they went in to repair that, and it turned out to be cancerous… finally, they were able to repair my “Nut Cracker,” and send me packing to intensive care for (3) three days… after (7 ½) seven and a half hours of surgery…

Arrangements have been made for me to go to M. D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston, TX for my extended treatment, and chemo therapy, which will last through the end of June, 2010…

So, to say the least, I am putting in some extended frequent flyer miles at present, and trying to enjoy my new “Mountain Home, located in Vilas, NC which is between Valle Crucis and Boone, NC.” 

This past winter, we had over 90 inches of snow, and the ice was something to see, however, did a lot of damage to the trees… “Little Boo, my Golden Retriever, loves the cool weather as well as I do.” 

I am having Grand Fathers Mountain Garden and Landscaping to come over for a total re-do of the yard, and plant lots of pretty mountain Deer Proof floral arrangements…

I had “Blur Ridge Energies, our local power companies install a Generac 80kw stand-by-generator just in case the inclement weather pops in again… at least I’ll have power this time…

For all you Cadets, and friends of Cadets, wish to come to the mountains for a visit, You Are More Than WELCOME… have plenty of Porterhouse Steaks, and there are (3) three bedrooms downstairs, just stow your gear, and have a good time…

Bill Sigmon -  I spoke with Bill Sigmon today and he is recovering fine from a triple bypass back in February, he as been back at work for about 4 weeks now and everything is going great. 
I hope that I have covered everyone, if you know one of our cadets or their family members that have had surgery or are not feeling well, please get us an update on their condition so that we can keep everyone up-to-date.  Please keep the cadets above in your thoughts and in your prayers.  It is very important that we stay in touch with our cadets and that they know we are thinking of them. -  Randy Jennings