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I have changed some the Cadet Profile questions on our website, I have added a place to put a cell phone number and have added a couple of questions to try to draw the cadet out and elaborate about school stories and "The Reason You Were There" stories. I think that these new questions will add a little flair to the profiles.  For those of you who have not scrolled through the different "Cadet Profiles" you really should check them out.  There are some funny stories, great photos and of course address and hometowns.  You can add comments to the profiles and email a cadet about his profile.

It is very important when you are filling out you name and address in the profile, please assure the accuracy and correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization of the information, we use this info to notify you by US Mail of upcoming events and important information we think you need to hear.  This information is exported out for mailing list and mailing labels.  The post office will not take mail with partial or incorrect mailing information like city state and zip codes.  You can change any information in your profile,  Make sure you name is correct and it is the name you use now to receive mail.  To change profile information go to the secure webpages and click on the "edit profile" link under "Member Functions" on the left side of the page.  You must be signed in to use this function.

Regional Reunions

 We are still looking to have a Regional Reunion in  Raleigh NC, Fayetteville NC, Charleston SC or Maxton/Laurinburg NC area in the near future.  We need a local host to help with the arrangements for these events,  if you would like to help please give me a call or send me an email.  The only thing that you are required to do to make these reunions happen is come up with a location, date for the event and help us find all of the CMA cadets in that area.  It is really not hard to do.  Steve Godwin said that he would do a Barbecue cookout if we can find the right location and when the weather is pleasant for an outdoor event,  In the past we have chosen hotels that offered a room and a pay as you go meal for the event.  This way all we have to do is invite everyone to come and they pay for their own meal and we have an enjoyable 2-3 hours of camaraderie together. There are so many possibilities if you would get with me we can come up with an idea and make it happen.  I will use the website as in the past to keep everyone informed about the planned event.  If you go back and look at some of the photos and videos and listen to what your fellow cadets have to say and read some of the testaments from the Lexington KY reunion you will all want to be part of one of these regional reunions.

Randy Jennings

Happy Holidays

As the holidays roll around I would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped with the two regional reunion in Lexington KY and Charlotte NC.  My sincere thanks to Randy Jennings, Mike Davis, Tom Ward, Jim Lawrence, Brodie McCloskey  for there hard work in managing these special events.  I would also like to thank the attendees at these events because without your participation there would be no reunions.  During this time of Thanksgiving it is nice to look back over the years and remember what friendship and family means to all of us.  The friendships we made early in our life are the bonds that hold us together as we mature.  Carolina Military Academy was a strong influence on my life, I believe after talking to all of our members over the last year that it was a very important part of their life also.  So during the holiday season let our members know that you are thinking of them and their families by using our website to say hello and renew old friendships for the coming years.  You can go into their cadet profiles and send them an email and you can also visit our "In Memory" pages and leave comments about our lost comrades.  We hope that you have enjoyed visiting the CMA website and will come back often.

Website Donations

I have given Randy Jennings instructions to put a donation button on our home page.  As we discussed before we have reoccurring expenses associated with our website as well as mailings to those members who are not electronically savvy.  I would like to ask our members to help us out by making a small donation to the website fund.  This will help us so that we may continue to keep you informed, and hopefully stir up old memories from your times at Carolina Military Academy.  This button will take you to a webpage with instructions on how you may donate.  We will take this Donation Button down when we have received sufficient donations to get us through the coming year (2010).  I would like to say Thank You to Jim Peden and Steve Peeler who have already donated to this fund.  I have also asked Randy to place the names of persons who have donated in a prominent place on the website.  Thank you in advance for your kind donations.

Annual Reunion

We will be sending out letters to all members in the near future that will outline our agenda, entertainment and instructions for returning your reservation forms for our annual reunion April 22-23-24, 2010 at Myrtle Beach S.C.  We want to encourage everyone to attend this annual event.  We expect this to be one of the best and largest event to-date.  If you have not answered the annual 2010 reunion survey please do so by clicking on the link below and on our home page that will take you directly to the survey.


Chuck Pless


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