I have recently received some information about one of our deceased cadets Richard Michael Campbell, Michael was a Carolina Military Cadet in 1965 and 1966, he is the brother of the late Carrol Campbell, Governor of South Carolina and I would like to share this with you.

The Richard Michael Campbell Veterans Nursing Home in Anderson SC was dedicated on November 14, 1990 to the memory of this US Army veteran killed in action serving his country in the Republic of Viet Nam on May 7, 1968. Michael was the recipient of the Bronze Star, National Defense Medal, Purple Heart and tht Fidelity Medal.

The Keynote speaker at this event was Senator Strom Thurman and the was by Governor Carroll A Campbell Jr. both of the state of South Carolina

From its birth more that 200 years ago , the United States has maintained a tradition -- mandated by law-- of caring for citizens who have served in her military.  When there was a need, these veterans answered the call.  And then, as now, the country recognized and honored its obligation to do the same for them.  The Richard M. Campbell Veterans Home in Anderson SC, is testimony to this on-going commitment.

In keeping with the desire of the Carolina Military Academy Alumni Association to salute our cadets who served in the service of their country we offer this memorial tribute.  This information and photos will be placed in Cadet Richard Michael Campbell profile in the "In Memory" section as well as in the history pages
of our website. 

Information provided by James (Spyder) Lawrence as received by another deceased Cadet Robert Farish CMA 1968
Website Statistics Update

We continue to increase the number of registered users on the website, in the last two months since we published the last count we have had 23 new cadets register.  In only the last two days I have had requests for 3 new cadets to have there names placed on the list.  You are able to see the new registered users as well as those who have updated their profiles on the right hand side ot the homepage of the secure webpages, the box is the Profile Updates box.  

I have talked to a lot of cadets recently and some are unaware of all the information that is available on the website, I continually update photos, documents, videos as time permits.  Each cadet has the ability to update his or her profile and add stories, photos, videos, when they update their profile you will see a new listing in the profile update box to inform you of a change in their profile.  If you would like to follow the changes in a particular cadets profile you may subscribe to their profile updates by placing a check in the box at the bottom of their profile and pressing the notify me button on the right hand side of the screen.  Whenever that cadet updates their profile you will get a email if you have your email listed on your profile.

You may also do the same thing with the cadet forum, and message forum.  If you need help with any of these procedures please send me an email or phone me at the email address or phone numbers in the contact us page of the website.

With all of the reunions that we have planned the website changes often so make sure that you check back whenever you can to stay up to date.  We will email you with major changes with information about upcoming events so stay on the lookout for those updates. 

Recent News

Your board of directors are always on the lookout for our missing cadets, we found one recently and was able to have lunch with him last weekend.  I have placed a photos below of the auspicious occasion.

His name is John Williams he was a cadet at CMA in 1963,1964, and 1965 and he meet with us at the Crackerbarrel in Mooresville NC.  Can you tell which one of us had the meat loaf and mashed potatoes? You would be wrong, we all enjoyed the scrumptious meat loaf.  John was in A-Company, 1st Platoon, 3rd Squad.  He also played guitar with Nelson Faulkner and myself (Randy Jennings) in a little rock band that played around campus, and at a few of the local Junior/Senior dances around the area.  Good to See again John, Welcome Aboard. See John's Profile and video on his cadet profile page...........

Get Well Soon 

I am afraid that I have some bad news about one of our cadets,  Steve Godwin called me last night and said that he had been informed that Dr. Don Creed of Elizabethtown NC (CMA 1963) has fallen ill and the prognosis is not promising.  We were not informed of the cause of his illness.  We understand that Hospice has been called in to care for Don.  I would like for each of you to take a moment out of your Sunday a say a prayer for Don. We remember Don as a dedicated sportsman and outdoorsman.  If anyone could update us on the seriousness and cause of Don's condition please do so.  If anyone is in touch with his family do the same.

Coming Soon

Information about our Regional Reunion in Raleigh and Annual Reunion at Myrtle Beach SC  will be coming up soon.  Keep checking back to the website for more information

Randy Jennings

Regional Reunions

The 1st Regional Reunion was held in Lexington KY at the Campbell House Hotel on 15 Aug 09 an was a great success as evidenced by the Photos, Videos and Testaments from some of the attendees.  You can reach these items by going to the website at www.carolinamilitaryacademy.org or clicking on one of the links below. 

Announcing The Next Regional Reunion

We would like to invite everyone, Cadets, Family and Faculty to our next Regional Reunion at Charlotte NC on November 7, 2009.  The place is still undecided at this time but we will get this information out to you as soon as possible.  We plan to have  pay as you go lunch at one of the local restaurants in Charlotte.  We will begin at 11:00 A.M. with a casual welcome and short meeting and introduction of cadets before lunch, we will also observe a memorial to our fallen friends.  We would like to encourage you to bring your spouse or better half so that she may enjoy meeting your old friends as well.  There will be plenty of time for you to talk over old times and share some of your thoughts and memories and of course your "Wild School Stories" with your friends.  Please bring any old annuals, photos or documents you may have from your time at CMA. And don't forget your camera, we will video some of the reunion for display on our website.

Please RSVP by November 1st  so that we will have a head count and have your CMA reunion badges available when you arrive.  Please let us know how many and who will be attending.  If you will need rooms for the night, let us know and we will send you some suggestions and rates of local hotels.

Send your RSVP's to Randy Jennings at rjennings2553@gmail.com or Call 843-450-5800

Some of the early RSVP's are from:

Chuck & Cora Lee Pless (CMAAA President), Mooresville NC
Bart & Sherri Davis (Vice President), Hopkins SC
Leo & Ann Fuller (Treasurer) Denver NC
Randy Jennings & Patsy (Secretary/Webmaster) Smyrna GA
Earl Whitton - Charlotte NC
Steve Smith - Charlotte NC
Tommy Altobellis - Charlotte NC
Steve Grygas - Tega Cay NC
Lee Johnson - Asheboro NC
Bordie McCloskey - Charlotte NC
Ladson (Slim) Morgan - Gastonia NC
Landrea Johnson Rhyne - Statesville NC
John Williams - Statesville NC
Danny Stegall - Monroe NC
Dean Snipes - Huntersville NC (maybe depend on work)
Frank & Donna Sossaman - Gafney SC
Richard Mcgee - Newton NC
Ron McCluen - Charlotte NC (maybe depends on work)
Sandy Roper - Charlotte NC
Jim Spyder Lawrence - Lexington KY

Website & Regional Reunion Donation

As was stated back in the July 09 Newsletter, your Alumni Association is incurring expenses to operate the website with annual web hosting charges as well as other ancillary expenses and we conducted a survey to determine what the cadets thought of voluntary donation by the membership.  Unfortunately the survey was only answered by 18 members and although all surveyed responded in the positive, we feel we need more input from the membership before we put this program into place.  I have directed Randy to put up another survey, this time with links on the Home page of the website for more visibility.  Please take a moment to let your choices be known.  


Chuck Pless


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