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September 2010 Newsletter
Volume 2                                                                   Maxton, North Carolina                   September 2010                                                                    Number 6
Randy Jennings
Mike (Bart) Davis - President

Maxton Regional Reunion 
 Reunions, Reunions, Reunions
Hi Everyone

We are getting closer and closer to the 1st Maxton Regional Reunion.  It really looks like the largest every regional that we have had.  At the present time we have 79 former cadets, faculty, and spouses that have signed up. The board of directors would like to thank Cal Humbert, Carl Clark, Frank & Jo Ann Lea, Steve Godwin and all of the former cadets and faculty that have helped with this reunion by getting on the phones and calling former cadets and faculty in the Maxton area.  Cal Humbert has done a super job at helping with the location and with the logistics as well as a liaison with the Maxton Town Council.  We have signed the lease for the reunion space with the town of Maxton at no cost to the association due to the deligience of Cal Humbert, our only requirement is that we will have to clean up the facility after the event and we are looking for volunteers to help us with that task.   It looks like the only drawback is that we will not be allowed to have alcholic beverages inside the facilities or on the grounds since we do not have an ABC permit.

So mark your calendar for Saturday October 16, 2010 at 11:00 am at the Maxton Freight Terminal so that you will not forget.  We are really excited about seeing so many of our former cadets, friends & faculty.

I almost forgot,  Thanks to Randy Jennings for all the hard work with website and all of the details in putting this event in Maxton together, I am still trying to sort through the duties that he has assigned me. 

We hope to see you in Maxton, and don't forget Frank & Jo Ann's Gala Party on Saturday after the reunion. Please Please be sure to RSVP to Frank & Jo Ann's Gala Party if you have not already done so, just click on the red "RSPV" button above. Please also be courteous and give them a call at 910-276-4217 if you are not going to be able to attend and have already RSVP' ed. Take care and we will see you soon.


Michael (Bart) Davis
That's All Folks!

See You In Maxton.

2nd Annual CMA Friendship Reunion

It seems that my life lately is filled with reunions, the recent Raleigh Regional Reunion, the up-coming Maxton Regional Reunion, and of course our annual reunion here in Myrtle Beach in April and all of my "Lunch With A Cadet" reunions. now I have run smack dab into another reunion, the "2nd Annual Gala CMA Friendship Reunion" held last weekend in Garden City, SC. don't feel slighted if you were not invited, this reunion was small and made up of some of our 1962/63/64 CMA friends and some local politicians and sundry underworld topless club owner types, and let me tell you this event was not for the slight of heart, if you worry about having your feelings hurt and having to endure the loud and at sometimes vile comments about your favorite football teams (especially if you were not a Gamecock or Clemson tiger fan this is not the place you would want to be.  I was worried for the health of some of our older cadets that attended and had to put up with football, beer, pizza, hot wings, wine, seafood, deserts, shag dancing, really wierd cocktails, breakfast birthday cake, and some of the stories and lies that were told.  Trust me you probably would not have wanted to see grown men acting like very small children.  I think that in the future we will probably advertise in advance and invite more cadets willing to undergo the above mentioned stress brought on by this type of behavior, but we must first work on a better format and rules for this event.  I have put a link below for the photo's taken at this inpromtu event, thank God their was not video.  Vist this page at your own risk.

All things considered this was a very successful event we did not lose any of our attendees and no animals were hurt in the making of this event, although there were lots of hangovers, sore muscles, sunburns and upset stomachs. We hope to find a larger place in the future so that more of you can be invited.

In all seriousness I was priviliged to attend and become reaquainted with this great group of guys, we all seemed to get along great and had a wonderful time retelling school stories and life experiences since leaving CMA, I would recommend to all of you, come to all of our reunions, and if you are not able to attend call some of your old CMA buddies and get together and have lunch or dinner but by no means should you attend or watch a football game together.  For those of you who do not know how to throw a shindig like this I hope to have a book of instructions out by Mid Spring that will give you the do's and don't's of this type of event. 

Photo of The Month
Can Anyone Identify These Handsome Gentlemen?
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The photo above is of our great coach and friend Clyde Parrish and our illustrious trumpet player Billy Lewis (Coach is the one with the horn)
If you have any questions about the Maxton Regional Reunion on Saturday October 16.2010 or would like to volunteer to help with the setup or clean up please give me a call or drop me an email at rjennings2553@gmail.com.  By the way we are looking for a couple of Tea Urns to server the Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea in at the luncheon.

Randy Jennings