Randy...oops sorry, Colonel,

Carol and I made it back to Arlington last evening amidst heavy showers and thunderstorms.  It was so nice of Mother Nature to wait until we were tired of driving and getting into the 70 mile an hour parking lot known as I-95.  Carol and I had a very nice visit with Jesse Mercer.  He seemed quite well and showed little signs of recently coming out of the hospital. He said since his last stint in there, he has felt quite well, and his breathing had been so much better. We gave him the card everyone signed along with a separate note from Billy Lewis and told him about the reunion. He really missed being there.  I discussed the Maxton regional reunion, and he was very interested in it and said he would try to go.  We took him to lunch, and he was able to get around quite easily.  As a matter of fact, he drove us to the restaurant.  We stayed with him for about two hours.  It was great seeing him again.

Randy, this past year you have done a marvelous job with the web site and working up the reunion.  We all know who has been the king pin and as you know by now, everyone has been most appreciative of dedication to making the CMA Alumnae Association a meaningful and impressive operation.  I just want to echo what everyone has been saying and to thank you for your untiring and most impressive results.

It was great seeing you and Patsy again.  Sorry most of our conversation was "business" related, but the time spent was most meaningful.

Again, thanks for all you have done and congratulations on your recent commission as a Kentucky Colonel.  This honor is well deserved and is a reflection of how much others think of you.

All the best, 


Hello Fellow Cadets 

As most of you know we have just completed our annual reunion in Myrtle Beach SC.  Let me tell you that if you did not attend, you really missed a great event.  I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all of you who did attend.  We had one of the best turnouts that we have ever had.  My hat is off to Chuck Pless, Leo Fuller and my new vice-president Randy Jennings for the tireless effort they all put into this wonderful reunion.  I believe except for the 1st reunion we had more new cadets attend than we have ever had, we also tied the record for the most CMA faculty members that attended.  I would also like to thank new honorary CMA, C Company Cadet David Cobb (former MMI Cadet) for his great help in getting two old CMA Cadets to the reunion, Billy Lewis and Art Smith.  I do not think anyone had any more fun than these two "Blue Grass Kentucky Boys".  Also thanks to Scott Blankinship for the great photo and news clipping albums he brought to the reunion.  These photos and news clippings chronicle the history of Carolina Military Academy and show how much pride that Col.& Mrs. Blankinship had for the school, faculty and cadets, even after they left CMA.

If I had to issue a grade for the State of the CMA Alumni Association, I would have to give it an A+. Financially we are on solid ground, I do not have the exact figures because we are in the middle of closing out the reunion payables and transferring the funds to our new Secretary/Treasurer Ed Dunn.  We have had some recent donations to the CMA Website fund and I would like to thank Frank Sossamon, Lee Johnson and Nelson Faulkner Jr., for their recent generous donations as well as all of the donations from all of our cadets who's names you can find on our website donations page with the link on the home page.

I look forward to staying in touch with each and everyone of you over the next year through our monthly newsletters. If I can be of help in any way to you please do no hesitate to give me a call or an email.

Thank You for your participation in our association.

Mike (Bart) Davis

Hello Everyone

I would also like to thank everyone that attended the reunion,  we had an incredible turn-out, a great venue, great events and from all of the comments to the website it was enjoyed by all.  I just hope that we can do as well next year.  We really missed Jesse Mercer this year(I believe his 1St missed reunion), it was so unfortunate that he could not make it because of his health, God Speed Jesse we hope that you can make it next year.  And to my good friend Fred Majors, we hope that you enjoyed your card and look forward to seeing you next year.  We would also like the wish John Rhodes' wife Terri a speedy recovery from her emergency gall bladder surgery on Friday night.  And too our great friend Mike Morkry who attend the reunion from a great distance and then went back and had neck and spinal cord surgery this week, we understand that he came through with flying colors and hope that he gets well soon.

It was really nice to see everyone that joined us in Myrtle Beach this year, especially our 20 new found cadets and their spouses, Mike & Patti Stevenson, Steve Morten, John & Wendy Myers, Dale & Melenie Firebaugh, Art Smith, Billy Lewis, Greg Boykin, Our new honorary CMA member Gigi Enlo who showed us how much her father thought of CMA and his CMA friends, Jim Coxe, Mike & Alma Coley, Jess & Wendy Dannelly, Earl Brewer, Jim "Spyder" & Pat Lawrence, Dean Snipes & Sandy Hull, Gordan & Sheryl Zane, Tom Ward, Ed & Linda Dunn,  and how about our old friend Gene Vincent coming all the way from Texas and sharing all of those great stories with us,  as well as our new faculty attendees Jose Tacoronte and Ed Dodd.  It was also good to see all of our returning cadets and their spouses, Bill & Frances Bennett, Scott & Carol Blankinship, John & Jan Burgess, Don & Missy Campbell, Mike (Bart) & Sherri Davis, Nelson & my new best friend Sarah Faulkner, Leo Fuller, My Wife Patsy Jennings, Lee Johnson, Ed & Carol Joyner, Frank & Joann Lea, Bordie & Delia McCloskey, Richard & Nancy McGhee, Ron Mcluen, Mike & Sandra Morkry, Ken & Diane O'leary, Joe Pike,Chuck & Cora Lee Pless, John Rhodes, Shark & Belinda Roberts, Tommy LeMacks, Skipper & Irma Smith, Frank & Donna Sossaman, John Whitton, Benny & Laura Weathers, Frank & Penny Boling and our returning Faculty members, Evelyn Bennett, Cal Humbert, Corky and Anne Maynor, and Tom Whitely.  I would also like to thank Charles Leeuwenburg who attended our reunion in Charlotte but at the last minute was unable to attend in Myrtle Beach because of work, we hope that we get to see you next year.

I know that I have already thanked all of the spouses who attended but I would like to offer another very special thank you to each and everyone of you who supported your cadet and brought him to this reunion.  I know that without your attendance it would be a rather dull affair.  And last but not least my sincere thanks to Sherri Abbot Davis for the extraordinary job that she did putting the refreshment and drinks together for us in the hospitality room, we could not have done without you. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you.

Just one last thing before I close,  for those of you that were unable to come for one reason or another,  please take the opportunity in the future to make every effort to attend a CMA Reunion and renew your friendship with and old friend before that old friend becomes one or our dearly departed.

Thank You                                               PS: I am waiting on all of the photos from the reunion
                                                                       they should be posted by this weekend.
Randy Jennings


Carolina Military Academy
An Alumni Association
April 2010 Newsletter
Volume 2                                                                   Maxton, North Carolina                     April 2010                                                                              Number 1
"That's All Folks"
Randy Jennings
Mike (Bart) Davis - President

State Of The CMA Alumni Association
The following is a humorus story written by Cadet Frank Lea III

                                                                The Great Basketball Game
                                                                         by Frank Lea
                   It started innocently enough during our recent reunion. On Saturday afternoon, a group of former cadets, mostly ex-jocks, were sitting in the hospitality room. As usual, they were drinking and reliving past athletic glories. With their judgement no doubt impaired by alcohol, they decided an intramural basketball game was in order.

                   One of the leaders of our reunion quickly secured the use of a nearby school gym. His desire to remain annoymous now will become obvious as this saga unfolds. In such games, it is customary to have shirts versus skins. However, some of the ex-athletes have the abdominal profile of a woman in late term pregnancy. For this reason, one team stopped at an Eagles store enroute to the gym. They all bought the same do-rag to distinguish them from their opponents. The wives went along to cheer their husbands on and to serve as impromptu cheerleaders.

                   In probably the only wise decision made that afternoon, it was decided to play half court basketball. The game was fast and furious for several minutes until two players abruptly and almost simultaneously vomited on the hardwood. There was a delay while towels were found to mop up the mess. It was a welcomed respite as the players were already wearing down.

                   By the middle of the second quarter, a portion of the players had gone into the sit-down-on offense-and-defense mode. Two players lay on their backs in the five second lane, heaving mightily for each breath. With great effort, one of those chaps managed to crawl on his hands and knees to the sidelines to avoid being trampled. This was prudent on his part as one overweight ex-lineman was running aimlessly around the court, seemingly oblivious as to where he was or why he was there.

                   Meanwhile, things were no better in the bleachers. One wife was on her cell phone, trying frantically and loudly to locate her insurance agent to make sure her husband's life insurance policy was paid up and in effect. Sensing impending widowhood, two wives were sobbing hysterically. Others had a dazed and incredulous look on their faces; while the rest had their eyes closed or covered, unable to watch the perdition being played out before them.
                   One of the spectators with some medical training realized the whole idea had been a poor one. He ordered a Myrtle Beach EMS vehicle to standby at the gym and told them to bring no less than six defribilators. Despite all, the game was played for all four quarters. The players gave their all as evidenced by the final score - Confederate Flag Do-Rags 6, Too Tight T-Shirts 2.

                    At the insistence of their wives, several players went by the hospital for EKG's before returning to the hotel. We are proud to report that all tests were good considering their ages and condition. That night at the banquet the few members of the winning team still ambulatory were presented a trophy. Actually, the trophy was an empty Wild Turkey bottle spray painted white and navy.

                    It is the general consensus that the basketball game will not become an annual tradition.  


Lets all encourage Frank to write more of these humurous stories in the future.  RJ

After Action Report On The Reunion and Jesse Mercer
From Scott Blankinship

I would like to introduce everyone to our new Carolina Military Academy Secretary/Treasurer, Ed Dunn, Ed is a 3 year CMA Cadet 1962/63/64/65.  He lives in Asheboro NC with his wife Linda. Ed is a retired Piedmont/US Air Pilot.  He will be taking good care of our money and I want to thank him in advance for his service.
Ed Dunn
Email from Sandy Mokry

Wanted to give you the update on Mike's surgery. 
The doctor removed part of the bones from his 3rd thru the 7th vertibrae to open up his spinal cord. He now has good flow of spinal fluid thru his extremities.
I talked to the doctor after the surgery and he said it was very successful, and Mike's doing just GREAT!!!   The doctor said IF the surgery helps his hands, it could take between 6 months - 2 years before he notices anything, but Mike said he can already close his hands more than he could before the surgery.....so that's good news.
This hasn't slowed his eating down any......haha.  He had spaghetti and salad for dinner tonight in the hospital and he ate it ALL......of course that doesn't surprise any of us - right!?  haha  And he even said he liked the hospital food!!!!
He will be in the hospital for a few more days. He has his cell phone with him - so if you want to give him a short call one of these days, I'm sure he'd like that.
We sure had a great time seeing all of you again.  We'll looking forward to next year.
Please pass this message on to everyone for us.......I don't have any of the other's email address.
Take care, and we'll talk to you again.  Sandy